Three teeth Emily — some random thoughts

Emily is a quiet baby with good temper, just as I somehow felt before her birth. Even with the fact that she has sensitive skin and demands more caring, she is still much easier to deal with compared with Cindy.  The missus and I both agree on this.

Emily gradually developed a rash when she was about a month old. It first appeared on her both ears, and she kept scratching them. Later on it appeared on her face and two legs as well. After several trips to visit doctors and some research on internet, we settled done with some medicine and daily caring tips, and it was under well control since then. At present she is in pretty good condition, with two rashes on both legs, and sometimes reoccurring on her cheek.

Unlike Cindy, Emily can fell into asleep easily, which is a great relief by itself. Normally she would feel sleepy around 9PM, and she would always look for comfort from her mom. No others can make her feels safe and fall into asleep, not even me, which is somewhat discouraging.

Half a month ago she grew two lower front tooth, at which time she bits a lot. Couple of days ago, I noticed an upper tooth starts appearing, but it is not in the front to line up with the lower two, but on the side, which is somewhat uncommon. Now she makes some strange noise when she play with her new teeth.

She is a curious little creature. She would open a closet, pull everything out, exam every item carefully, sometimes taste it with her mouth, and eventually drop it to the floor for next thing. She refuses to stay in the car seat for more than 5 minutes as she can not see much in the lay on her back position. She would complain with crying, but once we picked her out, that crying face would turn into big smile as she starts to look around.

She had a good relationship with Cindy. I don’t really understand how she feels about Cindy, but I can tell she really like her sister. Cindy can easily excite her and makes her laugh out loud. When I come home from work and saw Emily at the door, she would smile silently, but when Cindy comes home, Emily would be so glad that she would flap her both arms like a bird too fat to fly, and makes exciting noise at same time.

Emily has already started to pronounce Mom, but only when she is looking for comfort from the missus. I think I have to accept it as a fact that Mom is the first word Emily said, but I should be happy that Cindy said Papa as her first word.

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Here comes Emily

About a year ago, my wife was convinced that we should have a second child, and now we have our little Emily at home.  She is still barely a human whom interacts with people, but more like a small animal. But she is growing in amazing speed and time just flash by on her.

I am pretty sure when we made her. It was the first night my wife came back from ZhengZhou from a month long leave. I picked her up in Hongqiao Railway Station and by the time we arrived home, it was over mid-night. We want a baby and we have it, and bingo ! I am not sure with Cindy but I get the impression that we have it on a couch.

It was a mixed emotion while I had my mother passing away and little Emily on her way to come. I really hope they could met at least once but that was not happening.  Saying good bye to the past and embracing the new life was what I think how nature should be, and that is where I found the peace of my mind.

I brought up the idea of give birth to Emily in the United States to the wifey,  given the birth control we faced. She was concerned if she could handle it, and that is understandable as she had never going overseas, and my proposal required her to stay there for 3-4 months and most of time she would be alone there. Eventually we decided to at least give it a try, we would came and see if she like it.

So I planed this trip which turns out to be the best vacation we had in our life.  We spent one week in Hawaii with 4 days in Oahu and 4 days in Kauai, then we drove the California State Highway 1 from San Jose all the way down to LA, where we visited several hosts and one doctor, and the wifey said OK she can handle it. We settled her down in a house in Diamond Bar, then Cindy and I went back Shanghai and the wifey stayed. 2 months later, before her due date, I went to LA again to stay with her and welcomes our little Emily.

We decided to go C-section so it is predictable and everything on track.  We came to the East Valley Hospital early morning on Jan-20th-2014. At 7:30AM everybody was in place already and by 7:40 Emily was born. I was in the surgery room to comfort the wifey. They simply setup a half height curtain over the chest of my wife to separate us from the surgery they working on, and the doctor, Jeffrey Lee, even showed me the uterine fibroid we were worried about. Wifey was peace even when they pushed to force the baby out. Shortly after the push I heard the cry, and then I was allowed to came see the little thing. She was not big as Cindy was, but still a big and healthy baby girl. She didn’t cried a lot. Instead of non-stop crying, she stopped quickly and starts to ate her own fist.

We stayed in hospital for two days. It was hard at first to fed the little thing every a few hour, which broke up the long night sleep, but soon we got used to it and we start to seek any naps anytime we feels the need. Wifey was in pain after the c-section so she barely moved around in first 24 hours, but we still managed to started the breast feeding and Emily was not picky on either it was formula milk or breast, which makes our life much easier.

We returned the house and I was the only one to take care of the mother and daughter. I managed to cook for the wifey and that was well received, which I am really happy about. Emily was, and still is,  easy for her parents — as long as she get fed and comfort, she would be quiet.  Breast feeding makes my life much easier as well, thanks to the wifey.

This past winter in LA was the best winter we had, with sun shine almost everyday and a mild temperature between 10-26, I can’t ask for more.  We started to going outside with Emily in the stroller, by the time she was 3 weeks old.

By the time Emily was one month old, we flight back home and found Shanghai to be cold and wet, but we are so happy to met Cindy. She has been apart from wifey for 3 month and 1 month from me. I just found Cindy grown matured, she got longer eyelash within this month, dropped one teeth. Now Cindy get this little sister and sometimes she would hold the little Emily in arm and I am so happy to see it.

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I hate Santa

I have a eight year old daughter. Like any other kid, she dreams about the fancy story of Santa and really believe in it. Being at such age, she is not so easy to cheat with so she do have some suspicion grown but she was so trust on me that every time she asked me and she always happy with what I said.

But all the peace & beautiful story changed last night, dramatically.

When she was in her bed about to sleep, she asked, “Did you brought all these gift for me?” I was not able to continue the lie and said “yes” with upset. Nothing happened in the beginning, but then I saw tears build up in her eyes and she start to cry. “I am so disappointed” said she.  I hold her in my arm and tried my best to comfort here, and I was so regret with such Santa lies.  I felt I broken her heart and dreams. Eventually she fall asleep with tears, after one hour of crying.

This morning, the first thing she did after waken up was to confirm with me that indeed there is no Santa. But I think she has accepted the fact and made peace with it. Like usual, I hug her and off she goes to the school. But I know that fairytale has gone away and would never come back.

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